Wellesbourne Wheelers is a cycling club that draws its members from Wellesbourne and the surrounding villages. It supports social group riding of different distances and speeds and currently has about 100 members. We sometimes ride fast but always stop for coffee and cake!

Good afternoon to you all,

  times continue to be challenging as this episode constantly twists and turns. I did say in my last communication that we would be communicating with you regarding the temporary suspension of formal group rides for a limited period, which would be reviewed. As you are all no doubt aware, matter within the wider community and nation have moved on significantly in only a few days.

1. With regards to formal group rides, these will continue to be suspended until the end of April. We will provide an update with regards to the further situation towards the end of April. If in the meantime there is a general relaxation of the wider restrictions on people’s movements by the Government, or further advice from Cycling UK or British Cycling, we will communicate this;

2. We previously encouraged you to all continue to ride, either solo, or in small informal groups. However, I must point you all to the following link, from Cycling UK, https://www.cyclinguk.org/blog/why-we-had-no-choice-advise-against-group-rides-0 , and their comments with regards to group riding. As a club we will conform to this edict, and I would encourage members to heed it as well;

3. For clarity, in the above article there is a side bar that provides Cycling UK's definition of group riding, and it says thus;

  • What is a group? We have received a number of queries regarding our advice about riding in a group.
  • For clarification, you should not be riding in a group for the foreseeable future.
  • That is why we took the decision to cancel all our large events, club rides and gatherings.
  • A group constituents more than one person.
  • We consider it currently safe to ride as a group only if you are already co-habiting. In other words, families, partners and house shares who live together.
  • We believe that groups of non-habiting riders breach social distancing guidelines set out by the Government and public health agencies because of the close proximity riders are likely to be in and the length of time they would be together.
  • Cycling UK will continue to monitor the situation, taking advice from the Government, the health sector and partners, and will update you when the situation changes.

4. There is further advice through the following link, https://www.cyclinguk.org/article/coronavirus-qa-it-safe-cycle;

5. Alan Richardson has kindly offered to put rides onto the routes section of the website for interesting solo rides that members may have. A great opportunity for us to all share routes that we have found ourselves for shorter individual rides etc. So please feel free to email him the details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Challenging and strange times indeed, I will look to write to you all again soon after the committee meeting on the 30th March (or sooner if we have any change in policy, which is doubtful).