Wellesbourne Wheelers is a cycling club that draws its members from Wellesbourne and the surrounding villages. It supports social group riding of different distances and speeds and currently has about 100 members. We sometimes ride fast but always stop for coffee and cake!

Dear all,

I hope this email finds all our members well and fit. The weather has taken turn for the worse, but I am sure there are opportunities for us all to get out and about. I am sure that most of you will be aware that from the beginning of this month, In England as least, we can socialise with up to five other people outdoors, providing we keep socially distanced. So in theory that would allow us to ride in groups of up to six people, and therefore have some level of resumption of club group riding.

As a committee we have looked at Cycling UK, our governing body, and their advice was very wishy washy and essentially they have left the decision to the resumption of organised group rides to the individual club. However British Cycling are very clear. They do not sanction any formal group rides until the 4th July. As a club the committee are agreed to abide by that. We will liaise with the club group organisers later this month to agree with them if they would be happy for the resumption of some form of sanctioned group riding from this date, if this is allowed at the time.

So, as a committee we are not against informal rides of people, up to a maximum of six, but would prefer these are not done in club colours. Also it would be perhaps better to ride in smaller groups of 3-4. Also the feedback that I have been getting through the various WhatsApp groups is that it really is a very personal decision as to whether people wish to resume group riding, and the number of people they feel comfortable with. Taking this into account, I really do feel that following the British Cycling advice is the way forwards.

Please feel free to read the following as it is informative:


British Cycling Updated Coronavirus/Covid-19 Guidance: All British Cycling sanctioned activity is currently suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Understandably and inevitably, the ongoing global uncertainty around the pandemic has led to plenty of questions and concerns, and we have done our best below to answer and clarify some of the queries we have received from the cycling community.

Kind regards Alex