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Forum notes


The WWCC online Forum (or Message Board) is intended to provide an easy to use communication mechanism across the membership, and across many topics.

The Forum content, with the exception of one section for members only, is visible to anyone visiting the website - only WWCC members* are able to post messages or send Personal Messages

Ride Updates - e.g. last-minute changes to rides - will be published by the Ride Leader (no later than 09.00 on the day of the ride) . . . always check the Forum/Ride Updates before leaving home!

There are some basic, commonsense rules for the Forum and bear in mind that almost all of the content will be visible to the world - you are advised not to publish personal details, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses in Forum posts - use the Personal Messaging system built into to the Forum to communicate with other members.

*All joining members will be registered automatically by the webmaster, with an ID & PW emailed to the new member.


Raising a Ride report


As a Ride Leader you will subsequently need to create a Ride Report.  This is a relatively straight forward procedure.


Firstly go to the Club website and click on the Forum menu item.  Depending on which type of device you are using you my need to do this twice (ignore the items in the drop down).  You should see something like the picture below.






You should have been given a Forum logon (if not then get in touch with the webmaster by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  This is the time to use it.  Enter the Userid and password in the two boxes in the upper left of the screen and click Login.  Hopefully your password will be remembered and in future you will be able to miss this first step.


Once you are logged in the screen changes only slightly.  The login panel will be replaced with your name showing that you are logged in and the member only entres will become available (although you will need to scroll down to see them).






We are raising a Ride report so look part way down the screen for the Ride Reports section and click on it.





Next click on New Topic to add an item.





Give your report a heading (include the date of the ride as this helps people identify the ride) and a description of the ride (hopefully more informative than in the example above).  Finally click on the Post button and you are done.