Sunday Casual Ride


Sunday Casual Ride
Sun, 26. May 2019, 09:30
Old Ettington Road - Wellesbourne
Casual Sunday RIDE


This ride is open to all club members, or in in particular and NEW riders who want to try club cycling as a GUEST 

Distance is typically 25 to 30 miles at an average speed of 11-14 mph which for most people is a very relaxed… might even say even a Casual pace !

Our objective is to provide an enjoyable ride to meet the needs of as many of those riding. So speeds will be faster or slower, This is mainly determined by who is riding that particular day eg current club members or new guest riders

If necessary we will regroup if a gap opens up eg at the top of a hill. We have never left any rider behind as it the responsibility of the Ride Leader is to ensure everyone returns home safely.

Ride leader is Trevor Shaw and there will be two route options this Sunday ,the choice will depend on who rides on the day and the weather. Eg A re-route at Knightcote (to the Cricket Pavilion) would be chosen if we had a new rider join us to reduce route length and ascent, or if weather turns wet



Wellesbourne, Kineton (via back road), Gaydon, Past Knightcote turn (the option to shorten is here), Fenny Compton, Farnborough, Mollington, Shotteswell, National Herb Centre for coffee, Kineton , Butlers Marston, Pillerton Priors, Wellesbourne


Approx 34 miles   2000 ft


Old Ettington Road


- adjacent to the Co-op store