This area of the website is in development - the plan is to have a series of articles/download sheets covering the main technical and maintenance aspects of owning and riding a bike - with content contributed by members and from links to external websites.

In the meantime these links (all open in new windows) provide a wealth of information:

Park Tool - probably the supplier of the best cycle tools available (they're the standard in many cycle shops) and the "Blue Book" (available from Amazon and other sources) is the ultimate guide ... most of the content is on the website at

Shimano - the fitting and operating instructions for most Shimano cycle parts - although a little hard to navigate!

Sheldon Brown - a sadly now deceased slightly eccentric cycle mechanic that worked in a shop in Boston, USA - his wealth of knowledge is awesome (!) with the website containing a vast array of information.  The website appears visually to be very messy but does contain many gems.