Thursday 30th May will see the inaugral Ladies ride.  These rides will be held monthly through the summer to encourage ladies to get on their bikes and have a social ride and see what riding with a club is like. 

We had a really good representation at the Velo this year with at least 17 participants taking on the 100 mile challenge.  There were some very good times posted for the ride with 8 riders completing the course in under 6 hours which is hugely impressive.

As you will have read in the various Monday mumblings there has been a new Cafe and Lunch stop option on the website for a few weeks now.  We have received no additional cafe stops to add to the list so we will switch this page to be the live version and close down the old page.  Photos and feedback on the current sites are still very welcome as are suggestions for new ones (I'll be adding Toddington Railway station). 


We have been contacted by the organisers of the British Heart Foundation's Warwickshire Bike Ride to see if we would support their cycling event.  This may be the perfect opportunity for anyone who fancies taking part in a charity bike ride but is apprehensive about the distances and speeds some of the local sportives can sometimes be run at.

The Club's first Strava week is nearly here with prizes to be won and to help you keep a check on progress through the week a Strava "widget" has been added to the website.

Results of first Strava Week

1. Greatest distance – Nick Hawtin, 200 miles
2. Longest ride – Dave Thomas, 76 miles
3. Most climbing – Martin Bemrose, 8,763’
4. Most achievements – Alison Speechly, 59