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Dene Ride - 24th December 2020
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Pre Christmas run.
Well we had to keep moving to stay warm, the sun shone through with a blue sky but cold was in the air (hands and feet). The planned route was to be short to moderate and flat. Plans never go to plan and today’s were rearranged by the heavy rain and flooding through the night.
Planned route was to Stratford via Loxley then onto Clifford Chambers, Welford and through to Barton. A gentleman walking along the road told us the road was flooded and he was right, with information that the road was worse further along we turned round and shortened the route. Heading through Dorsington we travelled through a stream flowing across the road, but all managed fine. Pebworth was on the route to the Barn on Station Rd but unfortunately this was shut and so plans were formed for us to go our separate ways. John S returned home via Straford and some extra miles and John T and Mike W chanced a river Stour crossing at Wimpstone (which was successful) and gave some great views up the flooded valley and the water lapping at the top of the arches. The “I want to sure of my way” diverted to Illmington then Lee departed to continue home through Halford and we did the return leg through Newbold, Alderminster, Loxley. Olwen left me on the way into Wellesbourne so I was all alone when reaching the car parked in the lay by behind the Coop. That is the highest attrition rate of any of my rides, so if you want a repeat next week same time and place. Thanks to all for their company today.
While we were together a good day was had and the clear weather enticed a lot of other cyclists out that passed us on the road.
Starters, Olwen Kelly, Lee Robinson, John Tuck, John Sulley, Mike Wallace & David Thomas (RL)
Data, 37 ml, 1375 ft climbing 12.3mph