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Sunday Club - 15th May 2022
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What had been a great ride was marred by what could have been a serious accident involving Mike Massey.

We were on the Ilmington to Armscote road when Mike, who was at the back of the group, was taken out by a 4x4 attempting to overtake him on a blind corner. Luckily for all, it was by a grass verge and ditch so although Mike came off he seems to have hit the verge rather than the road and has suffered painful road rash on his elbow and side but no broken bones or head injury.

The rest of us were in blissful ignorance as there didn't seem to be any car horns or other commotion to alert us. Instead we had carried on for a half mile or so until Peter D noticed Mike was missing and after stopping, Ashley turned back to see what was going on. Soon after a passing driver pulled over and told us there had been an accident so we followed him back as a group. An hour, three police cars and an ambulance later, statements had been taken from the motorist and his wife, Mike was patched up and we were able to finish the last ten miles of the ride.

There was a witness to Mike's accident, a cyclist going the opposite way, who kindly hung around to give the police his account. Lets all hope justice is done and the police are able to prosecute.

 Get well soon Mike; all our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Anyway, it had all started out as normal...

The route was a park and ride from Honington following the Bard's Ride route. Despite the forecast rain showers, the first half (Honington> Brailes> Stourton> Wolfords> Broad Campden) was in glorious sun. We stopped at the Campden Coffee Company in Chipping Campden where, as the only customers, we had personal service from Emma the owner.

After sampling the home baked cakes it was starting to drizzle but was never a problem, although spray from the roads on the second half made a mess of our bikes and jerseys. The second half (Mickleton> Dorsington> Welford> Long Marston> Quinton> Ilmington> Armscote> Halford> Honington) was all going fine until...(see above).

Total distance 51 miles, elevation 2050 feet, average speed 15.3 mph.

- Steve Kirk (RL)
- Ashley Sherren
- Mike Massey
- Scott Bottles
- Peter Dewis
- Rob Lillywhite
- Paul Markwick