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Tuesday Evening 24 May
« on: 25 May 2022, 19:25 »
The weather had been very changeable throughout the day, but the evening forecast was good.  However only Rob and I made the starting line, and selected the SE route, and added Lady Liz in for good measure.
Climbing Staple Hill, then up and over to Kineton, there was a bit of breeze, which had dried out much of the rain.  At Kineton a cyclist focussed only on his fish and chips nearly wiped Rob out.  Idiot!
Roadway and Tyson past with our event, and we climbed Lady Liz, dropping down past Compton Winyates.  Then Whatcote, Fulready and Pillerton Priors, and returning to Wellesbourne via Walton Lane.
During a jolly good Ubu at The Wheezers Rest we reflected on a great evening ride.

30 mikes at 16 mph climbing 1400