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Ride Reports / Re: Sunday Casual 20 June 21
« Last post by RobGullen on 21 June 2021, 10:12 »
There's no shame in using tyre levers! - this tool resides in my bike bag (weighs very little) and makes getting that last bit of the tyre over the rim easy, with minimal risk of pinchng the tube.

. . . and the other trick to use as a "3rd hand" is an old-style toe-clip strap as a tourniquet to stop the "other end of the tyre" running away round the rim (or a cable tie, but you need the means to cut it off)

AND a bit surprised at difficulty with Gatorskins - I usually found them pretty simple with just thumbs.
Ride Reports / Sunday Casual 20 June 21
« Last post by LeslieOakshott on 20 June 2021, 17:41 »
Sunday's weather forecast on Friday gave a morning of rain so cancellation looked on the cards. However Sunday morning started off damp and gloomy rather than rain so the ride went ahead. However only myself and Larry turned up so the damp weather and Father's day must have put people off.

We set off for The View refreshment stop but had only gone about 3 miles when those few words which every cyclist dread was uttered by Larry 'I think I have a puncture'! At this point I think Larry was ready to call for a lift home but I persuaded him to have a go at changing the tube by the roadside as really how difficult can this be. Famous last words! Getting the wheel (rear) was no trouble and we managed to get the the old tube out reasonably easily although the Gator tyre took a bit of persuasion (but read later!). No sharp objects were found in the tyre or rim so we started the process of putting the tyre and new tube on the rim. This is where the difficulty started as we couldn't get the last few inches of Gator tyre back without the use of tyre levers. I always try to avoid the use of tyre levers at this stage because of the risk of puncturing the tube. I think that we must have done this as neither our pumps made any impression. We decided to put the wheel back and use a CO2 canister to pump the tyre up just in case it was the pumps that were at fault. However we discovered that both our canisters were empty (what is the life of a CO2 canister?). At this point two passing cyclists stopped and tried pumping up the tyre without success. They even offered Larry a new tube but Larry decided that a lift home was by far the best option. So we abandoned the ride with Larry getting picked up by a friend and myself cycling back to Stratford in the rain (yes the rain had started too!). So the morale of the story is regularly check CO2 canisters, pumps and most importantly not to buy a Gator tyre!

Statistics were irrelevant for this ride!
Ride Reports / Re: Dene Ride - 17th June 2021
« Last post by PaulMarkwick on 18 June 2021, 21:01 »
Great ride Dave.  Super group riding from all.  A fantastic day on the bike.  Many thanks
Ride Reports / Dene Ride - 17th June 2021
« Last post by DavidThomas on 18 June 2021, 16:39 »
Dene hosted Century Ride.
Well a totally successful day, all attempts were 100% on the mark so welcome to our new 100 members and latest update for repeat offenders.
The ride was divided into 2 loops starting at Beckford with the plan of never being too far away from our cars or home support. The first loop of 100 km weaved north taking in Childswickham, Badsey, Mickleton, Bidford upon Avon, Flyford flavel, Fladbury and Elmley castle before return to Beckford.
Andy left us in Beckford as he had a dinner date but we gained 2 for the second loop in the welcome form of Wendy and Sue who upped the average flagging enthusiasm and helped to get us all round.
Loop 2 was adding a casual 38 is miles to give us an imperial 100 ml, we wandered through Bredon Tredington, Gotherington, Winchcombe, Stanway Warmington and Alderton back to the cars for a welcome drive home.
A few changes would help to make the ride smoother, the first cafe Clopton Farm shop was good but the second one at Bishampton was not set up for an influx of hungry cyclists but the tea was good. Kemerton was good but due to the delay we missed the cut at Hayles Farm shop as they shut at 17:00h.
Entertainment was provided by John and Trevor as they pre-empted the rain by taking a dip in the ford. It was a mistake to go through the water as it was dish shaped with water always flowing and a pronounced incline to get out, on my recce the water was 4 feet deep after a day of rain so it is an active ford. No injuries were caused so we could progress. Paul saved me later as he shouted out that I missed my way, proving my memory is not to be relied on so thanks there. Due to rapidly passing time we were missing the last coffee stop so we did a sojourn through the grounds of Sudeley Castle to make up for the lost distance to Hayles farm shop that was on our original agenda. Well worth the dead end diversion to the cafe especially if you are popping up Salter’s Lane climb. We all did the cape shuffle at different snatched moments as the rain teased us in the last part of the ride but it was never serious or cold. By then nothing could dampen our mood.
So a good honest day riding “enjoyed” by all and from comments on WhatApp a good route so thanks for all who joined and made it so.
Olwen Kelly, Sue Ziel, Wendy Skyte, Andy Spink, David Thomas (RL), John Sulley, Paul Markwick, Mike Wallace, Steve Toms & Trevor Shaw.
Vital Statistics 100ml
The consensus on Strava was 100.4ml so glad we made it, had I sent riders home a bit short would have resulted in me being sacked at the very least.
14 mph on the button, the first loop of 62 ml was completed at 14.2, not that it is a race but the team were on song.
3400 ft climbing
Ride Reports / Hastings Ride - 17 June 2021
« Last post by GaryGristwood on 17 June 2021, 18:35 »
After worrying about the dubious weather forecast for today, it actually turned out to be ideal conditions for cycling!

11 of us set out at 10.30am and made our way down the Walton road towards Pillerton Priors. Halford and Armscote were passed en route to Ilmington where Simon HS decided to do his own thing from there onwards (with the Foxcote climb about to rear it’s ugly head, could you really blame him?).

Anyway, an impressive climb by all 10 riders saw us then make our way to Moreton in Marsh for lunch via Charingworth, Paxford, Blockley (hill out of Blockley) and Bourton on the Hill. The famous descent down to Moreton was spoilt somewhat by a plethora of vehicles moving at slow speeds.

With both the major hills under our belt, lunch taken at the 22 mile point at Charlotte’s Teahouse (ex Tilly’s) and, despite it being pretty busy, we had nice tables in the garden where we enjoyed good service and excellent food.

Simon OS didn’t stop for lunch as he had to get back early, as did Peter who left us after a quick bite to eat.

Eight of us therefore set out for the Wolfords (BTW, we must have experienced at least the same number of TTL’s en route!), Burmington, Willington, Tysoe and Kineton, where we headed back to Wellesbourne via Compton Verney.

All in all, a nice ride with pretty good rider discipline throughout.

48 miles @ 16.3mph and 2,800 ft of climbing.

Gary Gristwood (RL)
Scott Bottles
Simon Owen-Smith
Simon Hamilton-Smith
Peter Coote
Graham Sims
Ashley Sherren
Lynn Sherren
Mike Massey
Gordon Matthew
Steve Kirk
Ride Reports / Mountford ride 17 Jun 21
« Last post by RichardBacon on 17 June 2021, 15:46 »
Good job we ignored the forecast yesterday.

Five of us met (Richard, Sue, Chas, Peter, Gayle) and departed under grey skies to Hampton Lucy, Snitterfield, Claverdon and Hatton Country World for a coffee.  Some thoughts about topping up sunscreen at this point.

Back home via Norton Lindsey and Sherbourne.

Well worth turning out, 25.7 miles @ 12.6.  It was supposed to be a route with limited climbing but it didn't feel like it!
Ride Reports / Tuesday Evening Ride - 16 June 2020
« Last post by RobLillywhite on 16 June 2021, 08:08 »
Just a beautiful evening for a ride - warm and sunny. Just a pity that our esteemed GO, Paul, was unable to join us due to puncturing on his way to the start. The rest of us enjoyed a speedy ride around familiar roads finishing at the pub, where we were joined by the ladies. Spot on, really.

Mick Burvill
David Godefroy
Steve Kirk
Rob Lillywhite
Alan Richardson
Adrian Stubbings

Distance was 25 miles with 1200' ascent completed at 17.0 mph.
Ride Reports / Sunday casual
« Last post by MikeWallace on 13 June 2021, 22:02 »
Report for today :
Riders: Trevor., Suzi , Graham , Mick, Ian and Tim( ? New guy not met before )Me
In view of forecast hot day group vote to start at 9 and headed off to Pillerton, Fulready, Shipston and onto Ebrington for coffee at Vegetable Matters . Bumped into Sunday Club on way out . Up to Hidcote , Ilmington, Armscote , Alderminster, Loxley and home. Nice to start but hit humidity after coffee stop .
41.84 miles for me, 2193 ft elevation and 3 hours 6 mins ride
Ride Reports / Sunday Club Ride - 13 June 2021
« Last post by RobLillywhite on 13 June 2021, 20:07 »
At 9am there was a multitude of cyclists milling around on the Old Ettington Road. My first thought was the Sunday Club had achieved popularity but no; Sunday Casual had decided to advance their start time to avoid the heat of the day (I imagine they failed). After some faffing, five riders formed a group and off we went. We collected David on route and were six.

We headed west and tamed the Ingon Road climb. Your ride leader tried to head south at one point but was curtly steered back to the approved route. We crossed the A46 (eventually), the Avon and headed for Mickleton. Baker's Hill was the first decent climb of the day and a hot and sweaty one it was too. Thankfully, we rolled downhill to coffee at Vegetable Matters.

Perfect timing as the Casual riders had just vacated their table so we helped ourselves. The place was packed with cyclists and I fear we helped ourselves to the coffee and cake belonging to another group. That's life! We were joined by Martin and Jai, and then a few minutes later by Nick and Efe. A very sociable coffee stop.

Eventually, we got back in the saddle and pressed on, pausing only at the top of Foxcote Hill for photos and a rest (it was quite warm at this point).  We returned via Lower Quinton and Stratford to complete a lovely ride in the sunshine. We gathered outside the Stag to say farewells. There was an empty table in the shade, so we stopped for a beer. It would have been rude not too....

Distance was 51 miles with 2300' ascent completed at 15.9 mph (NQSF) and 16.9 mph (Fast).

Scott Bottles
David Godefroy
Rob Lillywhite (RL)
Mike Massey
Ashley Sherren
Alison Speechly

Nick Dykes
Efe Tunc
Ride Reports / Mountford ride report 10 June 2021
« Last post by ChasHiditch on 12 June 2021, 08:11 »
Only 2 on the ride this week (Chas and IanB) - some off on holiday, some crocked, some with bikes crocked.
23+ miles, 14.3mph average (according to my bike computer). Weather was slightly cloudy, so not as hot as recent days.
Started at Pillerton Hersey (half way between our homes), then Pillerton Priors, Idlecote, Honington, Willington, Sutton-under-Brailes, Brailes, Tysoe, Kineton.  Coffee stop at Chas's house for a change.
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