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Cycle Servicing
« on: 13 January 2020, 19:53 »
Hi Everybody,

Happy New Year!

There are I believe a number of Boardman bike owners (myself included) within Wellesbourne Wheelers and I was wondering for those that donít self-service (sounds like a supermarket check-out!), whether anyone could recommend a service outlet for such bikes.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


Peter Wallis


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Re: Cycle Servicing
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When Cycle Route Warks closed in November  :(  we recommended the Cyclists fighting Cancer shop at Alderminster (on the A3400) as the goto place for servicing.

Whilst the charity aspect of the shop is continuing they are developing a "normal local bike shop" service. 

The former manager of (the now closed) Cycle Studio in SuA now works at CfC managing a team of Cytech qualified mechanics.   

They are able to do virtually anything in the way of repairs and servicing . . .  good prices and a great cause.   [Quite a few of the tools from the CRW shop are now at CfC] 

A number of the WW members have already used CfC and AFAIK have been pleased with the work.

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