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Sunday Club Ride - 16 May 2021
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Seven hearty soles departed Wellesbourne under clear skies but with the threat of forecasted rain later in the morning. Added to the ominous atmosphere was the knowledge that it had rained (and hailed) on each of the previous four rides that I had led. Nevertheless, the weather held as we rode up Walton Lane to Pillerton Priors, through Whatcote and Oxhill to Tysoe, up Lady Liz to Tadmarton Heath. From Lower Tadmarton we cruised past Shutford to Horton and Harley with a cake stop at the National Herb Centre. As we approached the cafe door, the first sprinkles began. It quickly turned into a deluge. Given that this was the day before indoor dining was allowed, we had to huddle under a covered walkway to eat our cake and drink our tea. It rained hard for the entirety of our stop. We therefore decided to truncate the ride by heading back through Arlescote, Kineton and Moreton Paddocks. Interestingly, the rain miraculously ceased as we headed out of the cafe although the roads remained wet for the first part of the journey home. Judging from the tarmac, it appeared that the showers had missed certain parts of the county including the Kineton Road and (ironically) Wellesbourne itself. And since it did not rain on the second (truncated) half of the ride, I broke my streak of consecutive rain led rides.

Not So Quick Group: 44 Miles, 2,444 feet of climbing, 15.3 MPH

Scott Bottles
Rob Lilllywhite
Mike Massey
Adrian Stubbings
Ashely Sherren
Steve Kirk
Paul Markwick

The Quick Group: 57 Miles, 3,232 feet of climbing, 18.0 MPH

The consisted solely of Nick Hawtin who managed to ride the entire route (and then some) with a GoPro on his helmet. He dodged most of the rain by skipping the cafe stop but did get caught out near the end.

Nick Hawtin