Ride Safe

·         Obey traffic signs, signals, follow the Highway Code.
·         Ensure your bike has front/rear reflectors and use lights when necessary.
·         Dress to be seen - wear bright or reflective clothing.
·         Wear a helmet, it can provide protection.
·         Use a bell or other warning device.
·         Be predictable and decisive, always signal in plenty of time.
·         Think ahead, keep looking and listening.
·         Make eye contact with other road users wherever possible.
·         Never ride up the inside of any vehicles.
·         Pass horses carefully and provide an audible warning.
·         Keep your bike well maintained, visit your local bike shop for help and advice.

Maintenance Checklist

Every week

·         Check your tyres, brakes, lights, handlebars and seat are in good order and tightly secured; any wheel quick releases should be in the closed position.
·         Check your light batteries and the pressure of both tyres.
·         Ensure your brakes squeeze the rim of your tyres when applied and do not rub on the tyre itself, wipe off dirt from brake pads and wheel rims.

Every month

·         Give the chain a thorough wipe clean and lubricate with chain oil.
·         Clean the dirt from your wheels.
·         Check the tread on your tyres – any bulges or bald spots mean that you need new tyres.
·         Ensure your brake pads are in good condition and are not worn down.
·         Make sure your gears change smoothly, if you are having problems adjust if you can or get them checked at your local bike shop.
·         Check for damaged or frayed gear and brake cables.

Every year

·         It’s worth taking your bike to an experienced mechanic once a year for a thorough service, see the list of local bike shops in this guide

Other considerations

·         If you are new to cycling consider cycle training with a qualified instructor: www.warwickshire.gov.uk/cycletrainingfor ‘Bikeability’ cycle training for both adults and children.

·         Obtaining third-party liability insurance is a sensible choice and forms part of your membership of either Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC) or British Cycling.