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Short Routes

The table below provides a link to routes that club members enjoy riding. The link accesses the RideWithGPS website - you do not need to have signed up, the routes are freely accessible via these links and can be easily downloaded on a PC or Mac by clicking the "More" button on the right (it is possible to do it on iOS and Android too, but it can be a bit more fiddly). If you do not have a GPS computer then there is an option to print the route as well.


Name Distance Climbing Description General direction
Northern route 25.4 miles 1050 ft Northerly route via Snitterfield, Norton Lindsey and Hatton North
North-Easterly route 23.4 miles 955 ft Route initially SE via Pillerton Hersey then NE to Bishop's Itchington and back through Lighthorne North East (mainly)
Easterly route 24.3 miles 954 ft Route goes South initially then tuns east through Kineton and Northend before returning through Gaydon, Kineton (again) and Moreton Paddox. East
South Easterly route 24.8 miles 973 ft Route sets out South through Pillerton Priors and Whatcote before turning North East via Tysoe and Radway, then back through Kineton South East
Southern route 24 miles 1119 ft Via Loxley, Alderminster, Ilmington and Halford returning along Walton Lane South
South-western route 25.2 miles 900 ft Out via the Tiddington Rd, Long Marston and Quinton. returning through Alderminster and Loxley South West
Western route 27.4 miles 1013 ft Out via Hampton Lucy and Snitterfield, looping round SoA via Wilmcote & Welford West
North western route 26.1 miles 1112 ft Hampton Lucy, Norton Lindsey, Claverdon, Snitterfield and Hampton Lucy again. North West